The Video Message Maker

Change how you communicate with ZapVM! Create powerful video messages by combining your voice and pictures to communicate your most important ideas with clarity, context, and emotion.

Whether you’re communicating with your clients, kids, co-workers, or friends, a Zap Video Message will help you feature key details, tell your story with precision, and make a lasting impression. Just speak, swipe and zoom through your photos to create a compelling video message, up to three minutes* long.

What is Zap?

You can use your ZapVM to make video messages however you want! Share a funny story, communicate detailed instructions, create a recipe or whatever you imagination dreams up! Check out these videos to familiarize yourself with ZapVM. For more great example of ZapVM video messages, visit our YouTube channel.

Zap for Real Estate

Zap for Reviews

Zap for Instructions

To enhance your images, use the nifty ZapVM Graphics Toolbox, which includes:

  • Freehand Pens, Arrows, & Lines
  • Colored Backgrounds; Outlined, Solid, and Highlighter Rectangles
  • Captions
  • 8 Colors and 3 Sizes for All Graphics Elements
  • Fun and useful Stamps including Utility Pack
  • Stars & Badges Stamps to enhance your Zap Ratings and Reviews

Use ZapVM to send a specific message that communicates as if you were there in person:

  • Provide instructions on virtually any topic
  • Sell or demo your product or service
  • Chronicle an event or tell a story
  • Showcase your resume, talents or hobbies
  • Review restaurants, hotels, services or experiences
  • Engage or follow up with customers or clients

(some options require in-app purchases)


  • I do have to say that my mother was delighted to be my test recipient of some videos via text. I can see that teachers might be able to use this to make short tutorials for students to refer to. There are many ways that a short, customizable slideshow (with narration, even) would be a quite useful thing to have.


  • I can see ZapVM being used by PowerPoint or Keynote fans, families sharing events, for consumer reviews of places or services, vacation photos, even simple hello messages. The app does all the editing and processing right on your device, so no data link is needed until it is time to share.


  • Fun & Powerful ★★★★★

    This little app replaces several programs and has turned my phone into a studio. Good stuff!


  • Great new app! ★★★★★

    Lots of great features. Can’t wait to play. May have to stop Snap Chat!


  • Amazing Technology ★★★★★

    This is an impressive technological accomplishment that enables me to do on my iPhone what would otherwise require a laptop and Camtasia Studio. Being able to communicate in multimedia so easily enables me to get my message across faster and with less chance of misinterpretation.


  • Easy and Powerful! ★★★★★

    ZapVM make it a super easy way to tell a story with my pictures and voice. I can load up images from my iPhone, or take them with the camera and then swipe through them as I narrate. The pointer and infinite zoom are great to highlight areas where I want to draw attention.